What’s Your Workspace Strategy? Ideas to Mitigate Contagion Risk

May 6, 2020

As we all consider when we can go back to work, we need to ask the question: What’s your workspace strategy in a post Covid-19 environment? Does your workspace optimize space and technology to provide for a safe and healthy working environment? Will your employees, clients and guests feel comfortable in the workspace you currently have available? We speculate the physical spaces in which we conduct business have not been designed for social distancing and mitigating virus exposure risk. In this Nordby Effect post, we collaborated with Henderson Architect, Inc. to address space configurations, indoor air quality and sanitation, and minimizing potential pathogen transfer from surfaces.

Post-Covid-19 Blog

Space Configurations

Social distancing will require larger hallways and circulation areas in our work environments. If larger hallways are not practical given your space, alcoves could allow for additional space between employees and patrons as they pass one another. Another idea is to install traffic directional signage to encourage one-way circulation. Other space configuration ideas to encourage social distancing include:

  1. Add space or reconfigure space layouts to decrease workstation density by installing more walled offices in large open spaces;
  2. Incorporate demountable partitions to provide a level of adaptability if a future situation opens different possibilities;
  3. Evaluate office furniture improvements such as workstation screens, room and space dividers, individual workspaces within collaborative work areas.
  4. Create outdoor, open air workspaces.

Indoor Air Quality + Sanitation

  1. Install upper room germicidal ultraviolet air sanitizing systems.
  2. Upgrade HVAC Systems to include in duct germicidal UV sanitization.
  3. Raise computer access flooring with down draft HVAC design to pull air down through the floor and exhaust.
  4. Upgrade to high efficiency filters.
  5. Maximize outside air used in HVAC systems.

Concerns for Virus Transfer from Surfaces

  • Install touchless technology fixtures for faucets, soap dispensers, and door hardware.
  • Install motion sensing light switches.
  • Install antimicrobial surfaces.
  • Add cleaning stations.

Did this list spark up your own ideas on how to mitigate risk your workspace? Please share your ideas in our comments section below.

If you have questions about some of the ideas we listed above, please feel free to reach out to Jason Brown, General Manager of Custom Projects.  Our extended team of architects, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors are here to support a range of projects. Our goal is to provide the best space improvement ideas available for each of your unique spaces and we would be happy to discuss possibilities with you regarding making improvements to your space.